Women’s Sexuality: A Starting Point or End Point for Learning?

Posted by Delaine - June 22, 2010 - Dating & Sex, Longing...and Learning, Women's Sexuality - 15 Comments

My head is off is left field this morning, pondering women’s sexuality. I know – a complicated topic. But this is what I’m trying to figure out:

Does a woman’s sexuality ripple into other areas of her life? Is her sexuality, in fact, a metaphor in motion for her behaviour and conduct in her work life, personal life, and social life?

Take the quality of meekness as an example. If a woman is meek in bed, does that commonly show up in her personality elsewhere? But more importantly – AND THIS IS KEY – if she allows herself, through sexual exploration, to become more assertive in bed, will that blossoming quality merge with and empower her in her outside-the-bedroom life? Can a woman’s sexuality be a starting point for change and growth instead of the end-point?

We’re taught, through social conditioning, that a woman’s Sexual Self and Spiritual Self are separate; one refers to the physical realm, the other pertains to her identity/soul.  If the words ‘sexuality’ and ‘spirituality’ are ever used in the same sentence together, they typically refer to the connection she feels with a man

But what about the connection she feels with her Self? What about THAT relationship?  In order for her to understand and display the many colors of her soul, perhaps fully exploring the wellspring of her sexuality is vital. Perhaps her body is a treasure chest full of invaluable gifts and insights just waiting to be opened.  Perhaps it even ‘knows’ things the rest of her does not…

6a010536f43000970c0115703e6cca970b-800wiBUT…how are you suppose to empower yourself with such self-understanding when you live in a society that says you have to limit your partner numbers and sex is always suppose to be about love?  What if your ‘serious partner(s)’ didn’t unlock the mysteries contained within you?

 K, that’s probably enough questions for you. I don’t know if my questions make sense to anyone but me. I’m just trying to understand the immensity of change I’m going through right now post-divorce; I’m trying to get a better grasp on ME. And my body, which I think is an important spiritual extension of me, whispers that it has an important role to play in my evolution