Serving It Up Cold To That Lying, Cheating Bastard

Posted by Delaine - January 26, 2010 - Escaping: Books, Music, Films, Grief/ Anger, Infidelity, Surviving - 2 Comments

revenge cheating spouseWhen you found out your spouse was cheating, were you obsessed with thoughts of revenge?  Throwing all his clothes in a heap on the lawn…slashing his tires…or forwarding copies of his cyber sex sessions to his entire address book?   Maybe your fantasies were more devious – perhaps they involved some Superglue and the bathroom throne.  Or maybe that paste could attach a certain ‘member’ to the inside of his leg…

Well, for anyone who has experienced heart-break of infidelity, a new book called The Down and Dirty Dish On Revenge: Serving It Up Nice and Cold To That Lying,Cheating Bastard offers new insights into how people plan, carry out, and savour revenge on an ex.

Let’s clarify something right away: this is NOT a “how-to guide” on revenge tactics  - though it does include some outlandish revenge stories by real people (and famous personalities).  Instead, author Eva Nagorski not only dives into the history of adultery and revenge, she examines the psychology/genetics of people who desire retribution.  She provides experts’ commentary on both the merits and dangers of revenge.  And she also explores how people can ‘keep a lid’ on their vengeful feelings and move on.

Written in the tone of a chick-lit novel, The Down and Dirty Dish Revenge was inspired by Nagorski’s wildly popular blog, That Girl Emily.  In this blog, Nagorski took on the psyche of Emily, a 35-year-old fictitious suburban housewife, who found out her husband was cheating.  So ‘Emily’ exacted 14 days of purchased billboards in Times Square that announced that he was not exactly “well-endowed”; drove his desecrated car through the streets of Manhattan; and had the famous Katz’s deli in New York City make a sandwich in Steven’s name–”The Cheatin’ Steven.”

Again, ‘Emily’ was a fictitious character; Nagorski was actually hired to write this blog as part of an advertising campaign for Court TV’s, Parco P.I.. But Nagorski says her character resonated with so many readers – and so quickly - that she felt compelled to ‘stake-out” the world of revenge more closely. She says she hopes her book will help lift the veil of shame people have for their angry, vengeful thoughts.   Cause most people have them; but whether or not they act on them and how far they’ll take them, are other matters entirely.

What do you think of Nagorski’s concept?  Too sensational, borderline insane?  Too much focus on men being cheaters instead of all the female perpetrators?  Might the best revenge be just to be caught reading this book in public? Here’s the book trailer…

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  • Margaret says:

    I think the book will be entertaining and interesting. It was written by a woman and she has a right to write about betrayals against women and not both sexes.

  • Julia says:

    I met the love of my life and we embarked on a three year relationship. He could come and see me morning noon and night and find a loving and enthusiastic welcome. Plans to wed were abruptly interrupted by Momma attempting suicide because little sonny was getting married. Bad enough. Then to find out this guy picked up girls all the time when out with his brother and the brother came and told me. I just told you this guy could come see me morning noon and night what possible reason could he have for cheating. Heart broken to say the least if I had had a gun he’d have been dead so thank God I didn’t have a gun. Ok Maybe tar and feathers would make me feel good.
    There is no suitable revenge because the reality isyou want what you thought you had and it’s GONE and nothing can bring it back. One solution do not give away the cow and maintain a fairly long courtship ad observe them. If they can’t be faithful to you with the promise of your undying love the likilihood of it is they never can. One time I was bellyaching toth Lord about another man and the Lord said to me who’s body was it that he took advantage of. Yips. There is no guarantee but a man who IS committed to the Lord to obey Him at least you stand a chance and I hope for each one readig this a life different from what mine was and peace and joy in Jesus and hopefully a good man to stand by your side forever. God bless you.

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