Simple-Minded, Piggish Men Aren’t Born That Way?

Posted by Delaine - August 7, 2009 - Dating & Sex, Understanding Men/Women - 28 Comments
I’ve heard it said that most men are ‘simple’ creatures.  They love ‘T’ and ‘A’ and think about women’s orifices many times a day.  They don’t like drama queens or control freaks.  They want women to laugh at their jokes.  And NOTHING, I mean NOTHING brings them greater joy than a great blow job first thing in the morning.

In the recent movie release, The Ugly Truth, actor Gerard Butler plays the role of an obnoxious, rude TV dating coach who tells women the ugly truth about men and relationships.  And for the first part of the movie I despised him: he reminded me of the piggish, unevolved, simple-minded jerks I’ve dated in past. 

But then came the twist - his big ‘reveal.’  He confessed that the reason he acted and thought this way was because he’d been hurt and betrayed so many times by women; it was easier not to care; a way of protecting himself.

Because of Butler’s admission, I’m now scratching my head.  Does this mean that most men in real life that come across as piggish, simple-minded jerks are in self-defense mode?  That it’s not so much a ‘gender’ or biology-based issue as it is one of personal experience?

Perhaps I’m confused about something that is really straight forward to every one else.  But I was under the impression that men who act like that are just kinda born that way.  Cause I don’t know how many articles I’ve read that excuse or blame men’s behavior on their hormones; I thought the root cause really was somehow biological. It was a Mars versus Venus issue. 

So please, can someone please help me get in the know here?  Are men who act like simple-minded, piggish pigs more a product of nurture verses nature?  Cause I know I’ve been really hard on them, not that they don’t necessarily deserve it.  But I don’t want to be finding my own power by kicking men in the balls; I really just want to understand