“HUNG” – A Well-Endowed Divorced Dad Gets Pimped Out?

Posted by Delaine - August 6, 2009 - Escaping: Books, Music, Films, Single Dads, Social Barriers & Change, Surviving - 4 Comments

If someone created a TV series about a divorced mom who prostituted herself to make ends meet, I sure as heck wouldn’t find it funny.

BUT -  what if this same idea was applied to a divorced dad?  One who’s severely down on his luck and thinks his large penis is his ‘Winning Tool.’

Enter stage left: HBO’s TV series called HUNG.  That’s right HUNG.  Starring actor Thomas Jane as divorced dad Ray Drecker, this show chronicles the “ups and downs” of his ‘adventures’ as he attempts to get his pulverized life back in order. 

His ex-wife (played by Anne Heche) has left him after 20 years of marriage for her dermatologist.  And his twin kids have moved in with her and her new beau.  Now, with the help of his friend Tanya, he’s determined to forge his own path to financial success.

Sound shocking?  Yeah.  Degrading?  Yeah.  But when I saw this trailer,I admit I couldn’t help but giggle.  

What do YOU think?  Will you be watching HBO on Sunday nights at 10 p.m.?  Or are you shaking your head in disgust?