The Internet – A Quick Way for Wives & Husbands to Cheat

Posted by Delaine - March 22, 2009 - Dating & Sex, Infidelity, Internet Dating, Social Barriers & Change - 4 Comments


Good Morning America recently featured a report on cheating wives.  And two things about this news-clip stood out for me:  one, how society still ’gasps’ when its women who are choosing to have affairs.  And two, how the internet is making cheating so easy. 

According to adultery expert, Bonnie Weil, an estimated 50-62% of married women cheat.  And admittedly, I too gasped when I first read that high number.  Men I could expect it from since many are slaves to their ‘see/must screw’ mindset.   But women?  

I realized how sexist my thoughts were – for what if many women do in fact cheat just because they want great sex?  Maybe they just need to feel desirable, sexy and passionate.   I wondered, Is there a ‘double standard’ around our society’s compassion for women who cheat verses men?  And is this double standard fair?  Cause at the end of the day, cheating is cheating regardless of reason….or is it?

In this Good Morning America feature, two ‘desperate housewives’ were spotlighted.  One said she chose to have an affair because her husband never wanted to have sex.  The second women said her husband was ‘boring’ and paid more attention to their son than to her.  

Both of these women used the website to find their lovers.  If you’ve never heard of it, Ashley Madison is one of many online dating sites that cater specifically to married people who want to have an affair.  And I sat there, mouth agape, as the company CEO revealed that they have approximately 3.5 MILLION members – 70% are men, 30% are women.  But he predicts their membership will easily rise to 20 – 30 million, for that is how unhappy many married couples are, and that’s how powerful the internet is.  

We all know that the institution of marriage is already on shaky grounds – we’re talking more than 20 million divorces are filed every year worldwide.  And of those who stay together, 80% will experience infidelity.  So it’s obvious that the easy-accessibility aspect that the internet now presents is going to encourage more and more people to cross the line.

But the question that sits with me with now is:  since there’s no stopping technology - and marriages worldwide are already in serious trouble – where the heck are we headed with all this?  I mean pig picture stuff here for humanity.  Chaos?  Total personal and social decay? 

Though it may seem like that on first glance, my personal forecast is not all gloom and doom.  I think there’s some kind of mass revolution going on that in the long term will lead to our evolution.  Just as we needed world wars to plaster big messages across the heavens for humanity to wake up to,I sense the worldwide crumbling of our relationships/marriages is supposed to rouse some vital mass learning in all of us.  What that learning is, however, I sure as heck haven’t figured out.