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Not Just A ‘Divorcee': I’m a Magnficient Women with A Past

Posted by Delaine - January 23, 2014 - Healing, On being alone, Strong Mind & Spirit, Wisdom Gained
000d60aa06df0972913a4e 278x300  Not Just A ‘Divorcee

FROM THE ARCHIVES 2011 There is a feeling under my skin – one that has risen to the surface over the past few years since my divorce. It tells of love, despair, renewal, and adventure. It comes from marrying, birthing, falling, bleeding, daring, reaching and celebrating. It’s a story – a hard-earned one – that is me, but not all of me:…

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Why You Need to SLOOOOOW Down That Next Relationship

Posted by Delaine - February 26, 2013 - Fears & Challenges, Longing...and Learning, Relationships
slow down next relationship divorce2  Why You Need to SLOOOOOW Down That Next Relationship

There’s a natural progression to relationships and it usually looks something like this: we date, we sleep over at each other’s houses more and more frequently, we move in together, we get married. Oftentimes, we look at moving in together/getting married stage as the ultimate ideal – lives are completely integrated.  And we often assume that the quicker we get there, the…

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Summer’s Coming…Are You Planning A Vacation with Your Blended Family?

Posted by Delaine - May 9, 2011 - Blended & Changing Families, Relationships
vacation blended family successful delaine moore 21  Summer’s Coming…Are You Planning A Vacation with Your Blended Family?

Summer will soon be here and some of you who have new boyfriends/spouses may be wondering what to do about vacation time:  what works best for the kids?  What’s ‘too long’, where should expectations lie, and most importantly, how can you make create a positive and memorable experience for everyone? Blended family expert Shirley Cress…

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Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Posted by Delaine - April 30, 2011 - From the Dating Trenches, Longing...and Learning
man broken heart divorce dating  Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Written by Peter Ehrlich. I remember the first time I heard Neil Young sing Only Love Can Break Your Heart, I was in my early twenties.  And I remember what I thought about the song.  “Nice little jingle, but I should get back to Keith Richards banging out his signature dirty riffs to All Down…

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Reclaim Your Space after Divorce

Posted by Delaine - March 6, 2011 - Healing, On being alone, Phases/ Stages
comfy home divorce  Reclaim Your Space after Divorce

Written by Deborah Moskovitch.   It was a dream-like experience. Upon returning from a weekend away with our children, the bedroom closets were empty—my husband, now my ex, had moved out. He took the fabulous living room furniture that we had purchased not that long ago.  My world was changing. The reality was, I wanted to…

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“Bad Men” Bring Us Tremendous Gifts

Posted by Delaine - January 24, 2011 - Fears & Challenges, Healing, Longing...and Learning, Relationships, Wisdom Gained
bad boy small  “Bad Men” Bring Us Tremendous Gifts

Almost all women at some point in their lives attract a ‘bad man’; some of us marry him. And by ‘bad,’ I’m not simply referring to men who are drug lords, pimps, or wife abusers. No, “bad men” are men who don’ treat us and love us as wonderfully as we deserve. They are, as…

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“Ex” – An Ugly Little Word?

Posted by Delaine - October 6, 2010 - Dealing with the ex, Parenting, Single Dads, Single Moms, Social Barriers & Change, Surviving
ex huaband ex wife word ex divorce  “Ex” – An Ugly Little Word?

“EX-husband,”  “EX-wife,”  “The EX.”   The term “ex” is one we all use after divorce, in both our written and oral communications.  It’s something we don’t  give much thought to either – it’s just part of the English language, right?  But have you ever noticed how you feel when say it?   What about when someone ELSE uses it in conversation?  Cause…

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Calling Upon Psychics During the Insanity of Divorce

Posted by Delaine - August 18, 2010 - Relationships, Strong Mind & Spirit, Support & Girlfriends
tarot card reading divorce1  Calling Upon Psychics During the Insanity of Divorce

At any point since your marriage ended, have you been inspired to see a tarot card reader or psychic? Cause I have.  A few times, in fact.  I’ve also looked for ‘angel footprints’ and messages from Above – it’s all about needing a bit of faith, isn’t it?  In ourselves, our futures AND the universe we live in? The first…

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