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The Many Degrees of ‘Man Craziness': Is It time to Break the Habit?

Posted by Delaine - November 3, 2014 - Concerns & Fears, Dating & Sex, Longing...and Learning, Phases/ Stages
divorced woman man crazy obsessed delaine moore dating  The Many Degrees of ‘Man Craziness

A lot of divorced women – myself included – go through a ‘man crazy’ phase in the aftermath of divorce. By ‘man-crazy’ I mean some part of them is always thinking about, worried about, or eagerly daydreaming about some guy they plan to meet, want to meet, or hope to meet. There are many different…

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Dating Advice: You Are Not Your Story

Posted by Delaine - May 27, 2014 - Advice, Concerns & Fears, Dating & Sex, Healing, Wisdom Gained
story  Dating Advice: You Are Not Your Story

FROM THE ARCHIVES MAY 2009 A divorced girlfriend of mine was going out on a date – a third date, which rarely happened with her. And as we talked over the phone beforehand, she was almost panicked.“I actually like this man, Delaine. But the timing couldn’t be worse – my life is such a mess,…

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The Cheater & His Self-Loathing

Posted by Delaine - March 22, 2014 - Healing, Infidelity, Surviving, Wisdom Gained
cheating man self hate loathing  The Cheater & His Self-Loathing

FROM THE ARCHIVES 2009 You my not see it.   But it’s there… deep within him. It is beyond his admission, beyond his self-awareness. But it’s there,  eating away at his soul… His self-loathing. He may seem all blissfully happy-in-love with her; look at that skip in his step. That skips says that he wants nothing…

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Not Just A ‘Divorcee': I’m a Magnficient Women with A Past

Posted by Delaine - January 23, 2014 - Healing, On being alone, Strong Mind & Spirit, Wisdom Gained
000d60aa06df0972913a4e 278x300  Not Just A ‘Divorcee

FROM THE ARCHIVES 2011 There is a feeling under my skin – one that has risen to the surface over the past few years since my divorce. It tells of love, despair, renewal, and adventure. It comes from marrying, birthing, falling, bleeding, daring, reaching and celebrating. It’s a story – a hard-earned one – that is me, but not all of me:…

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This Fiery Divorced Mom Got Burnt Big Time

Posted by Delaine - November 16, 2011 - Single Moms
photo 3 300x224  This Fiery Divorced Mom Got Burnt Big Time

Ohhhhh the irony. Over the past few years since divorcing I’ve dug deep and worked hard to rediscover my passion and ‘fire.’  And I have said countless times, both to my myself and others, that “sometimes playing with fire doesn’t burn us, it awakens us.”  A nice play on a metaphor I’d always thought… But this…

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“I Don’t Need A Man” – I’m Calling BS On This Catch Phrase

Posted by Delaine - September 28, 2011 - Healing, On being alone, Phases/ Stages, Understanding Men/Women
divorced woman rejecting men  “I Don’t Need A Man” – I’m Calling BS On This Catch Phrase

Over the past three years since I got divorced, it is by far THE most popular statement I’ve heard from women: “I don’t need a man”.  And it’s been said with passion.  Power.  Ownership.  As if it’s been EARNED.   And I’ve heard it all over the place: from dinners with girlfriends…to dating sites…. to here…

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Divorced Women: Do You Have a Role Model From A Different Generation?

Posted by Delaine - September 25, 2011 - Midlife Divorce, Social Barriers & Change, Support & Girlfriends
mother daughter divorced1  Divorced Women: Do You Have a Role Model From A Different Generation?

At 66 years old, my mom is a real firecracker. This woman has so much energy, she makes 20 year olds look like slugs.  But much more than that, mom is confident.  She’s generous beyond belief.  She’s sexy.  Has taken great care of herself.  And she spends her days either working 10 hour shifts in the hospital or…

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Beware the Loose, Wrinkly, Lopsided Vulva!

Posted by Delaine - September 5, 2011 - Career & Money, Concerns & Fears, Dating & Sex, Loving The Skin You're In, Women's Sexuality
wrinkly ugly unacceptable vagina vulva  Beware the Loose, Wrinkly, Lopsided Vulva!

So apparently the look and feel of our vulvas/vaginas are one more thing we’re to concern ouserlves with as we reconstruct our lives and selves after divorce. Haven’t you heard?  We’re supposed to be as pretty and symmetrical as a text-book drawing.  Are you a little one-sided?  Stretched out?  Perhaps a little dangly?

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