Coaching & NLP Therapy

delaine moore divorce dating relationship expertSince 2008, I have been helping men and women successfully cope with and manage the myriad of issues that can arise before, during and after divorce.  Some of the common issues my clients face include affairs, career transitions, single parenting, dating, conflict with the (former) spouse, extended family and/or friends, and loss of identity.

My approach is very much a blend of the extensive training I’ve received as an Neuro-linguistic Programming Therapist, hypnotherapist, psychology counselling Master’s student, and Mars Venus Life Coach.  My work as a relationships writer and divorce magazine owner has placed me square in the trenches with those struggling.  I’m a hands-on leaner from personal experience, not an armchair coach, thus, I bring a level of both toughness and compassion to the table when helping clients move forward.

Sessions are conducted in half-hour or hour long formats either over the phone or using Skype. I do provide a free half-hour consultation to new clients for mutual assessment of fit.  Please see for more information on my Mars Venus services.  Please note I am not currently offering workshops because my roster is full with individual sessions.  You can also contact me directly at delaine at I Am Divorced Not Dead dot com.