A Woman’s Body Never Lies

How much of our Selves and passion do we bury in our bodies with our self-told lies when we become mothers and wives?  And how do we get her back?  Delaine’s memoir, A Woman’s Body Never Lies, answers these questions and more through one divorcing woman’s journey to get ‘her’ back by fully exploring herself, mind-body-spirit, through sexuality, sensuality, and sometimes even promiscuity.

Slated to be published in Spring 2012 (Seal Press), A Woman’s Body Never Lies has a lot to say to ALL women, divorcing or not – around women’s sexual evolution, the relationships women have with their bodies, the well-made excuses they wear on their backs, and the passions they deny themselves to be wives and mothers.  It is more than just the story of one woman’s breaking and remaking after divorce.  It’s a reminder than when life slams you down, a little ‘fire’ won’t burn you – it will awaken you.


“Delaine’s divorce has become our treasure, thanks to her raw, candid, and hugely engrossing memoir.  She has the guts to say what other women won’t, providing us with an unparalleled glimpse into sex, single motherhood, and the complexities of modern romance.  If Sex & The City was the definitive fairy tale for the single and fabulous, Delaine’s book will surely become the Bible for the every-woman who has loved and lost, but refuses to give up hope.”  

–Justin Marshall, editor
First Wives World 


As Ms. Moore contemplates the “loss of my own true colors” and the sublimation of her own individuality to become mother and wife she reaches out to every woman, married, divorced or longing for that one true love.


This is not a memoir about discovering one’s sexuality. Quite the contrary, this is a memoir about rewriting the self-imposed rules that women define themselves by once they marry and become mothers.


Ms. Moore gives women permission to rewrite those rules. Through her journey we learn that we can dutifully, competently mother our children and, at the same time love ourselves; mind, body and soul abundantly and passionately.


Gone are the days of women journaling about their deepest desires. A Woman’s Body Never Lies is about living your deepest desires. It is a call to action that every woman should heed.

 – Cathy Walker Meyer, Divorce Support Expert for The New York Times’ About.com



“Delaine lets you in on what it’s like to step WAY outside your comfort zone in this funny, so-true-you-almost-cringe, and naked (often literally!) recounting of her post-divorce sexual /spiritual reawakening. You often hear the latest memoir of the moment described as “brutally honest” or “unflinching” and all those other stock phrases. And then you read Delaine Moore’s work and you think, “So that’s what those words REALLY mean.”

-Jeff Mac

Author, Manslations: Decoding The Secret Language Of Men

“This is Sooooooo good!  I can’t wait to read the rest!”  Sara Collins, IBM

“I’m torn: I’m dying to tell my wife to read Delaine’s work because it’s so refreshingly candid. However, I’m not sure it’s a good idea for anyone to point their wife towards a book or website that shows just how much fun and liberating it can be for a divorced woman in her late 30’s or early 40’s. I couldn’t stop turning the pages of her book to learn more about the adventures and mindset of the opposite sex in a way I’ve never read before.”

–  Eric Francis, Calgary Sun 

“If you have to go through something as horrific as divorce, being able to find the humor in the daily minutia of putting your life back together is probably some of the best medicine available without a prescription. I’ve had the pleasure of reading Amelia’s manuscript. It’s funny but poignant, outrageous yet down to earth and captures in narrative and dialog the Ying and Yang of her pain and personal awakenings. But you don’t have to have weathered a divorce to understand her message. Delaine definitely has something to say to women. It’s Little Annie Fannie meets Alice in Wonderland all rolled up in morality play. We all go a little crazy when life hits us squarely between the eyes; I hope we can learn from Delaine’s experience…maybe be a little easier on ourselves when we find the fortitude to step back up to the plate and definitely laugh a lot more. This book starts with a bang! Literally.” 
Kendra Bonnett, Author/editor/publisher, Co-author of 2008 IPPY award-winning book Rosie’s Daughters: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story

“REALLY good.  Suddenly my life seems boring.” D. Butler, Australia

“This is as juicy as a scene from ‘Desperate Housewives’ –  you go girl!  Let me know when it’s published.”   Rachel, England

“Love, love, love the first chapter. Is this online only or is the memoir published in hard copy for sale?  Separated three months ago and I think my story probably has many similarities to yours. I’m 39, have three children and felt like I was drowning after deceit, infidelity, and the end of my marriage. Thankfully, I already realize I want to move on and LIVE my life!  Thank you for your blogs and memoir!”  Carina

“Your writing is fantastic. I am very impressed.”  D. Braman, Texas

“You have allowed yourself to show vulnerability by sharing your insecurities, Delaine.  This helps bring the readers into your story immediately, when they recognize themselves within your words and perhaps feel a bit protective.  Nicely shared!”  Sue, Toronto

“I’ve got to admit I was so enthralled by the first few words I just couldn’t stop reading it!!!  Delaine, you had my heart pounding in my chest in the first three lines…Please, please do not under any circumstances ever stop what you are doing or how you write about it. Yeah its wrong, but OMG you make it sound so breathtakingly right! – Alan, US