Help with Dating After Divorce

Dating after a divorce is not the same experience as it is for those who have never married; it comes with its own unique set of challenges. That’s why I separate it into its own niche;  I know, first-hand, that your concerns, fears and needs require specialized knowledge, care and attention.

Some of the areas in which I can teach, guide and support you include:

1) how to decide if you’re ‘ready’ to date

2) moving past your excuses – I’m too fat, too ugly, too busy, too old, I have kids (I’ve heard them all)

3) overcoming social stigmas or judgement from friends (married or unmarried) and family

4) how to create and adopt a mindset that serves you so you don’t fling yourself into infatuation after one kiss

5) understanding and moving beyond old dating/relationship patterns

6) how and where to meet, and successfully flirt with, the opposite sex

7) first impressions, dating rules, expectations and etiquette

8 ) how men/women think and what turns them off and on

9) SEX – worries, first times, desires, hormones, privacy, boundaries, and ‘what comes after’

…and much, much more

Returning to the dating trenches after many years of absence is one of the most frightening and confusing hurtles divorcing men and women face.  But under my guidance and expertise, you’ll see you aren’t in fact ‘going back’ to dating , nor who you once  were – you’re rousing into the person you never had the chance to become.

Please contact me at delaine (at) iamdivorcednotdead (dot) com for more information or for your free, no obligation 45-minute phone consultation and brainstorming session.