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The Many Degrees of ‘Man Craziness': Is It time to Break the Habit?

Posted by Delaine - November 3, 2014 - Concerns & Fears, Dating & Sex, Longing...and Learning, Phases/ Stages
divorced woman man crazy obsessed delaine moore dating  The Many Degrees of ‘Man Craziness

A lot of divorced women – myself included – go through a ‘man crazy’ phase in the aftermath of divorce. By ‘man-crazy’ I mean some part of them is always thinking about, worried about, or eagerly daydreaming about some guy they plan to meet, want to meet, or hope to meet. There are many different…

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The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom Airing On The Movie Network

Posted by Delaine - May 30, 2014 - Dating & Sex, Escaping: Books, Music, Films, On My Book Becoming A Movie, slideshow ashley jones7
default  The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom Airing On The Movie Network

I’m happy to let you all know that my book-turned-movie, The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom, is now airing on The Movie Network (which includes HBO Can) The movie is starring Ashley Jones (as me) and Alex Carter as The Duke (the Dom).  Here is a quick synopsis of the movie as well…

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Dating Advice: You Are Not Your Story

Posted by Delaine - May 27, 2014 - Advice, Concerns & Fears, Dating & Sex, Healing, Wisdom Gained
story  Dating Advice: You Are Not Your Story

FROM THE ARCHIVES MAY 2009 A divorced girlfriend of mine was going out on a date – a third date, which rarely happened with her. And as we talked over the phone beforehand, she was almost panicked.“I actually like this man, Delaine. But the timing couldn’t be worse – my life is such a mess,…

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What's It REALLY Like to Have An Affair?

Posted by Delaine - April 11, 2014 - Advice, Grief/ Anger, Infidelity, Phases/ Stages, Relationships, Surviving
dating separated men problems challenges how to1 300x200  What

It was my deepest, darkest secret – something that nourished me, tortured me, yet ultimately tore my family apart:  After seven years of marriage, the birth of three kids, and weathering the emotional storm of my husband’s infidelity, I made the choice to have an affair. Now I’m not revealing this today as some kind of…

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The Cheater & His Self-Loathing

Posted by Delaine - March 22, 2014 - Healing, Infidelity, Surviving, Wisdom Gained
cheating man self hate loathing  The Cheater & His Self-Loathing

FROM THE ARCHIVES 2009 You my not see it.   But it’s there… deep within him. It is beyond his admission, beyond his self-awareness. But it’s there,  eating away at his soul… His self-loathing. He may seem all blissfully happy-in-love with her; look at that skip in his step. That skips says that he wants nothing…

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Not Just A ‘Divorcee': I’m a Magnficient Women with A Past

Posted by Delaine - January 23, 2014 - Healing, On being alone, Strong Mind & Spirit, Wisdom Gained
000d60aa06df0972913a4e 278x300  Not Just A ‘Divorcee

FROM THE ARCHIVES 2011 There is a feeling under my skin – one that has risen to the surface over the past few years since my divorce. It tells of love, despair, renewal, and adventure. It comes from marrying, birthing, falling, bleeding, daring, reaching and celebrating. It’s a story – a hard-earned one – that is me, but not all of me:…

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Ask Coach Delaine: “Why is my newly-divorced boyfriend retreating from me?”

Posted by Delaine - September 27, 2013 - Concerns & Fears, Dating & Sex, Fears & Challenges, Healing, Loving & Trusting, Phases/ Stages, Relationships, Single Dads, slideshow divorced man happy or hurting divorce moving on coping
divorcing man help sad angry trying to move on  Ask Coach Delaine: “Why is my newly-divorced boyfriend retreating from me?”

Question: Hello Delaine, I have been happily dating a separated man for the past year as he finished up his divorce.  His divorce was finally finalized last month. They were married for over 20 years and according to him, it wasn’t a good marriage. I’ve noticed, however, that ever since the divorce came through, he’s…

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8 Flashing Warning Signs: Dating The Separated Man

Posted by Delaine - April 30, 2013 - Concerns & Fears, Cougars & Single Moms, Dating & Sex, Phases/ Stages, Understanding Men/Women
mars venus alien2  8 Flashing Warning Signs: Dating The Separated Man

He says his marriage is long over.  He says he’s ready to date again.  But would it be wise for you – a woman who is ultimately seeking a serious relationship – to throw caution to the wind and dive right in? I’d definitely say, “No way.” Getting involved with a separated man usually comes…

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