10 Online Dating Profile Turn-offs to Women

Posted by Delaine - January 6, 2012 - Dating & Sex, Internet Dating, Understanding Men/Women - No Comments

For those of you men reading, who are single and internet dating, I need to ask:

Do most women not respond to your emails?

Are you attracting the “wrong kind” of woman?

Are you scratching your head, wishing you understood what the heck women online are looking for?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you’re probably unknowingly turning women off with your profile.  Here’s my list of top ten turn-offs to women:

1)      Your written profile is too short . Translation to women: “I’m relying on my photos to meet women” or “I’m not taking this seriously.”

2)      It’s too long.  Translation: Creepy, whiny, needy, into himself.

3)      Terrible spelling/grammar. Translation: Dumb, uneducated, sloppy, unserious.

4)      You angrily rant about or tell off women you’ve dealt with on the dating site.  Even if you think you’re being “funny” –wakeup call: you aren’t.

5)      You talk about/rant about “cheaters”.  Maybe your ex was one, but you know what? Most of us have dealt with one at some point too – we know it sucks.  Women don’t want to know about your last break-up at this point.

6)      You talk too much or too forcefully about your kids, ie: “My kids always come first – deal with it.”  Ummm – even if you’re a great parent doesn’t mean you’re a great partner.

7)      You write about all your “manly” hobbies – quading, shooting, playing pool, drinking beer, poker – which is absolutely fine…but you follow it with “Looking for a woman who enjoys the same.” Seriously?  Maybe date a dude.

8)      You come across as boring, whingey, uninteresting, lacking confidence (we LOVE confidence and a dash of mystery…)

9)      Your photo gallery isn’t flattering.  Women are visual creatures, too.

10)      You don’t have ENOUGH photos in your gallery.  Women are assessing you as a package and wondering if you’re worth their time/risk. Give them enough to make a decision. We want to know if you’d look good by OUR side walking into a party, too.

Remember: Your online profile should represent the best possible you on a two-dimensional medium.  And never lose sight of your ultimate goal: to intrigue women enough through your profile, to want to learn more and meet you in person.  Have you taken the time to do that?  Are you capable of doing that? Let’s face it – many people can’t or don’t like to write! Nor do they know what the opposite sex looks for.

At the very least, you should ask a female friend for her impression of your profile.  If you aren’t comfortable or able to do that, by all means, talk to ME.  I have the personal experience, writing skills and relationship training, to critique, rewrite, and even create your online profile from scratch.