For That “Perfect Penis Shot”

Posted by Delaine - April 28, 2011 - Dating & Sex, Internet Dating - 2 Comments

Have either of the following ever happened to you on internet dating sites?

1)  A man grants you special access to view his backstage profile, only for you to come face-to-face with a picture (or five) of his penis?; or

2) After chatting with a man for awhile one night, he says he wants to share MORE photos of himself with you.  Appreciating the gesture cause you believe it’ll help you get a better ‘read’ on him, you provide him with your email address (that doesn’t have your full name it).  You click on the picture attachment, leaning in eagerly to study what’s about to appear…then oochiewawa!  You find yourself  eyeball deep in his crotch!

I always tell my clients that when they’re venturing around the big, wide world of online dating,  they’ve GOT to have a  sense of humor.  Cause the truth is, with over 50 million users out there, they’re indubitably going to meet some very umm…. “colorful” characters. So instead of letting them irk you, or turn you off the online world altogether, have a laugh, shake your head, and simply hit delete.  Its’ really just a matter of saying, Next!

And for all you guys out there who are hellbent on sharing your assets  – but who may ALSO need a little fancy camerawork to help out -  this video from Saturday Night Live is for you.  (Ladies, be sure to watch!)