The Greatest Male Lovers Open Their Hearts, Not Just Their Zippers – EVEN During First Times

Posted by Delaine - February 21, 2011 - Between the Sheets, Dating & Sex - 6 Comments
It hit her light a lightning bolt.  Within seconds of their meeting, she felt attracted to him.   And over the course of the next two hours, as they sat talking and getting to know one another, their chemistry was so intense, she found herself unable to concentrate: her thoughts were roaming under his clothes…tracing up and down his magnificently athletic body…

Suddenly he reached across the table and held her cheek motionless in his large hand.  Her eyes didn’t have time to lie.  She watched him semi-dazed as he got up and slid down in the chair right beside her.  He turned his body to her, cloaking her presence to the other patrons with his massive shoulders and chest.  He lifted her chin and and drew her mouth to his…a soft yet oh so powerful kiss.  It was if he was making her his; as if he knew he could meet her every need.

Very soon after, they drove to her place, something she wasn’t properly prepared for – children’s toys were strewn all over the place.  He’s going to think I’m a slob! she thought embarrassed.

But the only thing he noticed was her.  ”Show me where you want to go,” he said firmly.  She pointed…and he lead.  

The next  few hours they shared were amazing.  An exploration.  A mystical haven.  A dance of intimacy that they alone choreographed impromptu.  It wasn’t that he knew any special ‘manoeuvres’, she explained to me thoughtfully.  Nor was the sex ’wild’ or kinky in any outrageous way.  She said it was all because of his touch…there was just something different about it: strong, sensual, urgent, patient.  Even emotional.  How did he know to touch me like that?  she wondered.  Especially when he barely knew me.

After their lovemaking session, she’d asked him questions - she needed to try and understand what had just happened.  For since she’d divorced, she’d had other lovers - she’d experienced ‘amazing’ sex with some, too.  But not amazing like THAT.  

He said he wasn’t one to normally to fall into bed with a woman so quickly.  But when he does bed a woman, whether it’s for the short term or long, he not only gives her his body, he opens his heart to her.   To him, ‘loving’ a woman sexually means tuning into to her deeper needs in the moment - her eyes, her non-verbal communication, her presence, her pauses…and then matching them, responding to them, answering them, and challenging them.  He said he couldn’t properly do that if he remained in the physical realm alone – making love to her required his heart and soul.  “All I did tonight was mirror and answer the passion -  the need -  I felt from you, ” he said. 

After hearing my friend’s story, I admit I feel both happy and a bit envious of her  (OK. perhaps a tad aroused, too).  And when I compare it to first times I’ve had with men since divorcing, I can’t help but contrast it.  For even though I’ve had great sex with men first time round, our connection was, for the most part, sexual; it was passionate, but driven by formidable lust, not something deeply intuitive or soul-stirring.  

Now, I can’t help but wonder: Did my friend possess something special about her that enabled him to read her, know her, give himself to her?  Was she open in ways many women aren’t?  Did her sensuality somehow trigger a natural response in him? 

Or…might it be that this man was of a rare breed?  I’m not sure I think most men even capable of making love to a woman like that, not just during their first night together, but EVER. 

Whatever the case may be, I sure hope it happens to me some day, even if just once.  And I strongly suspect other women might secretly feel the same…