“TigerText”- A Way For Cheaters to Cover Their Tracks

Posted by Delaine - December 27, 2010 - Infidelity, Surviving - 3 Comments
It’s something I bet Tiger Woods wished he’d had – and something everyone, including cheaters, can now take advantage of.  It’s called TigerText.  And it can kill embarassing text messages or ‘evidence’ – forever.

Released in February 2010 by California start-up, X Sigma Partners, TigerText is an iPhone application that enables users to set a lifespan on messages they send – from one minute, up to 30 days.  For example. if you send a message at 4 p.m. and set the lifespan to two hours, come 6 p.m. the message will be deleted from your phone, the receiver’s, AND the server.  This means that’s once it’s gone, it’s totally gone.  And if the receiver doesn’t read the message within that time frame, it won’t be accessible to him/her.

The application further allows a “Delete on Read” feature, which means that as soon as the message is opened by the receiver, a 60-second countdown begins before the message disappears; kind of like Mission Impossible where the messages self-destructed.  

Company founder Jeffrey Evans says the application was designed to protect people’s privacy:  ”In today’s fast paced world, everyone is guilty of running at the thumb at some point in time. No one would want every text they send to live forever. Business texts are safe from leaks or corporate spying; personal messages are kept private; embarrassing texts simply disappear. I read stories every day where texts accidentally end up in the wrong hands or are entered into evidence in a court case. The issue of government search and seizure of texts is becoming the hot-button privacy issue of the day.”

But it also means those who are being deceptive and have something personal to hide – ie: cheaters – can do so with more peace of mind.

How can you tell if your spouse has installed the TigerText on his/her phone?  After a text message is deleted, “claw marks” – which represent the tracks of a tiger – appear over where the text originally was.   However those marks will also disappear.   You will also see the downloaded TigerText icon on their phone: a sideways tiger on an orange background.

So if your spouse is acting suspiciously and is suddenly paying for this service even though he/she isn’t a spy or dealing with highly private material at work, you may want to keep a closer eye on him/her.   Tigers are notoriously difficult animals to track; unfortunately, cheaters can be, too.