Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Where Did These Droopy Triceps Come From?

Posted by Delaine - September 22, 2009 - Fashion & Flare, Loving The Skin You're In - No Comments

divorced-woman-droopy-tricep-muscleIt happened about a month ago. This here divorced mom was standing in front of her bathroom mirror in a towel and for whatever reason, I held my left arm out to the side. And that’s when I saw it: movement.  More movement. Even MORE movement: my tricep was swaying back and forth like laundry blowing on the clothes line.

Immediately I zoomed in for anaylsis. Had I imagined it? Was there more fat there than last month?  Hang on – had gravity been sneakily taking its toll on my breasts too? I opened my towel and had a good peer. Hmmm. Maybe yes, maybe no. I pulled my shoulders back and stood extra tall. Kay, still half-perky. But the alarm had been triggered: I needed to start exercising again PRONTO.

Over the past couple of years since divorcing, exercise has taken a backseat in my life.  Between working, caring for my  three young kids, and piecing my heart back together, I just haven’t made it the priority it was previously; I’ve always enjoyed exercising – or at least, how it made me feel afterwards: FIRM!

Now I find myself wanting to exercise like mad but I’ve no time or extra money to go to a gym or join a sports team.  As  result, I’m trying to find creative ways of incorporating cardiovascular and strength training into my day-to-day life.  I’m wondering if anyone else has found herself in similar shoes and what she’s doing to either improve or maintain what she’s got…? 

Here’re some of the ways I’ve started exercising on the fly:

1) Whenever I sit down for long periods of time, I clench my gluteals and hamstrings. 

2) I do numerous sets of squats throughout my day – while I do dishes, before sitting down at my desk, even between loads of laundry.

3)  I run up and down the basement stairs instead of walk.

4) I jog over to the school to pick up my kids at lunch or after school instead of walk.  Sometimes I’ll walk a lap of the school’s field before the bell rings.

5) I make sure I do three sets of pushups at some point during the day.

6)  I don’t just watch my kids play soccer or kickball, I join in.

7) When I take my kids to a family swim, the rules are that I have to have my youngest within arm’s reach at all times (she’s five).  So I do the next best thing to swimming lengths: I tread water while she plays!  I’ll also act swim with her on top of me (I’m the  ‘seahorse’, she’s the mermaid), or take her for ‘boat rides’ on flutter boards so my legs get a good kicking work out.

Though I’m not one to do the home exercise video thing, I finally caved and ordered one online called Core Rythms.  It’s Latin dance aerobics with a focus on leaning out the abdominal muscles.  Though there are four videos in the package, I only ordered it for the 20-minute quick workout; fast and fun.  I figure my daughter and I can do it together in the morning when the boys are in school.  I should mention I bought this video on e-bay for $19.00 US (including shipping here to Canada) instead of paying the $60 + they charge for it on their site.  I’ll let you know how that goes!

These are but a few ways I’m cramming exercsie into my day.  Again, if you’ve any ideas or recommendations of your own, I’m all ears!