Two “Golden Tools” to Help You Mourn & Rebuild After Divorce

Posted by Delaine - March 25, 2009 - Advice, Healing - 3 Comments

Divorce can easily feel like a drawn-out death.  And like an actual death, one must not only go through the grief cycle  (bargaining, denial, anger, depression, acceptance) – one must ALSO begin to rebuild

So today, due to the number of letters I’ve received from people looking for resources, I’m spotlighting two Golden Tools I found most effective on my divorce journey.  And let me add – I STILL use both of these resources regularly.

The first is a self-help book called Something More.  Authored by Sarah Ban Breathnach, who also wrote Simple Abundance, this latest book will help you dig through the ruins of your life (and heart) to excavate your Authentic Self.  I had so many ‘aha’ moments reading this book; I truly can not recommend it highly enough.  It’s smart, at times autobiographical, and it also weaves together stories and quotes from women across history who all intuitively knew they somehow weren’t ‘truly’ happy.  A #1 New York Times Bestseller, Something More is now available in soft cover for $13 US or $17 Can.

The second resource I use is The Secret.  And though it’s available in both book form and as a documentary, I found the latter WAY more powerful.  No, this film isn’t specifically about divorce – but it’s about creating the life that you want using the Law of Attraction.  And let’s face it – after divorce, we ALL need a new compass.  I’ve watched it about 10 times.

Below you’ll find the first 20 minutes of The Secret.  If you wish to view the entire feature-length film, you can either rent it at your local video store, or watch it online at the official site: www.thesecret.tvI can not urge you strongly enough: watch it today!


The movie, The Secret  (for full-screen viewing, press bottom key, second to the right)